ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Today the Esk at Whitby was full of rainwater coming down from the moors. With the tide out it rushed through this channel opposite Spital Bridge, narrowed on each side by artificial banks held together with wire netting.

I recorded the water in various ways using hydrophones in the water and under seaweed on the rocks, as well as with conventional microphones. I didn't move much though due to the extremely slippery surface and the rather cold and fierce looking water.

As for future projects, I'm honoured to be making a piece with Darius Ciuta for release on Impulsive Habitat in the winter. The recordings have been completed and Darius is currently mixing them in Lithuania. Can't wait to hear the results of his expertise.

Also I'm hoping to work on some recordings inspired by the places explored by Richard Locker in his Liminal Whitby blog. Obviously we're still in the very early planning stages, but as well as the sound element we're hoping to include photos and text to build up a real sense of the mystery that these transient places on the periphery of our towns exhibit.