ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Monday, 19 December 2011

2011 - 2012

Ammonites (Corner/Whitehead) - Pleased to have got a few live appearances under our belts this year, notably with novellist Chris Firth. Playing at Arunas Staponas' gallery was amazing, as was our trip down to Manchester to play at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation as guests of Skrev Press.

100 Birthdays - A free download of mine on the Electronic Musik label was included in this years 100 Notable Net Releases of 2011according to Acts of Silence.

 Ravenscar - Field recordings made in Ravenscar over the past couple of years reflecting the different layers of history that intersect at that evocative cliff top location. Mastered by Chris Corner and sent off to Daniel Crokaert to be released on his Unfathomless label. Should be out on CD in beautiful packaging derived from Chris Corner's photographs in May 2012, all being well.

Obs - I'm currently working on material for the excellent Russian CD label Obs run by the terribly friendly Denis Shapovalov. It'll be based on the geology and palaeontology of the Whitby area. I suspect the sounds of stones, pebbles, sand and shale will feature heavily.

The Fieldreporter - As a regular reviewer on The Field Reporter, a site dedicated to field-recording based releases, I've submitted my top ten for 2011. My current favourite  is Darius Ciuta's beautiful and mysterious L-C (loop - coil).

Photographs from Burnt Rigg, Ravenscar by Chris Corner

Thursday, 1 December 2011


The soundtrack to our trip down to Manchester with our friend the author Chris Firth. Rain, Radio 2 and Grocer Jack. Yes, he is dead.

Also a short extract of us playing at the Anthony Burgess International Foundation.
Onstage visuals by Chris Corner.