ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


A video for WEST CLIFF, a tune from AMMONITES' 33.3 CD on Reverb Worship. Beautiful viola playing by Ellie Whitehead and an abstract vision from Rich Locker allowing us to project whatever we want into the bright green void at the bottom of the screen.

 We embrace accidents.

Video: Rich Locker
Ammonites: Chris Corner + Chris Whitehead
Viola: Ellie Whitehead

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Impulsive Habitat have produced a nice new cover for Estuary. It was a bit of an unexpectedly rushed release, filling in for some scheduled work that wasn't quite ready. Consequently the cover wasn't quite of the standard Impulsive Habitat usually aspire to. They've remedied the matter by coming up with this stunning image of an unearthly vista traversed by what might just be an extraterrestrial river.

Estuary will hopefully be included in a future framework radio programme broadcast in the UK on Sunday nights at 11pm on Resonance FM, the London radio station. They have the download in their posession. It's always interesting to hear how the tracks are blended together with other artists' work, making each broadcast a piece of original composition in its own right.

The Field Reporter is a new blog featuring reviews and essays on sound art. I've been invited to contribute, and so far I've written about Simon Whetham's excellent Cold Shoulder, a piece concerned with an industrialised area of Bristol, and Phonic Psychomimesis' audio exploration of  the railway locomotive entitled Trainishness. Both these releases are free to download.


Saturday, 10 September 2011


Recordings made at a very sunny but extremely windy village show on the North Yorkshire coast. The face painting tent nearly blew away!

You can hear the fairground organ, some old agricultural machinery engines working, and the creaking and straining from inside one of the weatherbeaten tents amongst other things.

Lythe Show: 10:09:11 by Chris Whitehead