ramsdale stones

ramsdale stones

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Duet for Stream and Aeroplane / Duet for Rockpool and Aeroplane by Chris Whitehead

A recording of a stream at Beck Hole and a hydrophone recording from inside a seaweed filled rockpool at Kettleness. I'd like to thank both pilots, without whom these recordings could not have been made.


A man, wearing a microphone, walks into a jackal enclosure at the zoo,
and is attacked, killed and eaten by jackals,
while an attendant crowd take pictures.

A stampede of hippos that run down a crowd of visitors.

A helicopter issuing a live news report crashes into an enormous bird sanctuary.

A camera, set to record, is dropped fifty metres through foliage.

These are some of the reasons I put this extraordinary radio play into my list of top choices for 2010. The story of corporate corruption and bloody minded greed is told via a montage of recordings collected from various digital recorders. It says a lot about the way we use electronic devices as interfaces, or shields, or mirrors, or filters, to document modern life. We make our own cages.

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